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Synthesizing the intersection of public health and tech.

P2Health promotes innovation throughout the healthcare system and community.

We support the protection of population health and the prevention of disease. We believe that everyone can be an entrepreneur and find new ways to solve problems. By leveraging entrepreneurial practices with a systemic approach, we build community, advance education and advocacy, and foster opportunity.

In doing so, we seek to:

  • Strengthen the healthcare system
  • Improve outcomes, especially for vulnerable populations

  • Improve access, delivery, quality of care

  • Reduce healthcare costs

We offer the following services:

  1. Educational resources to increase awareness and understanding of the Public Health system and the areas ripe for innovation
  2. P2Health.lab: Support and community for entrepreneurs within the public health tech ecosystem
  3. Seed-stage funding to connect entrepreneurs to capital (coming soon)
  4. Research and data about trends, challenges and opportunities within Public Health Tech

Our events bring together entrepreneurs, technologists, and public health practitioners to foster collaboration.


Precision Medicine for Health Equity

October 25, 2016

With the advent of digital health technologies (including online and mobile programs), the ability to target those at the tipping point of chronic disease, and engage individuals before full disease onset, has blossomed. Preventing the spread of chronic diseases has long been a moral and clinical imperative; the growth of value-based healthcare has made also made it a cost-effective investment. Technology-enabled healthcare has the potential to spark a convergence of precision medicine and public health - a population-focused, evidence-based, and analytic-enabled approach that focuses on personalized disease prevention, not broad condition management. This panel will explore how precision health interventions and treatment can make prevention more equitable, affordable, and greatly advance population health innovation.


more than HEALTHcare: innovation and the social determinants of health

August 16, 2016 is back in session! This month we are exploring how tech can leverage the social determinants of health. Look at what makes us healthy: 50% healthy behavior, 20% our environment, and only 10% is access to care. But what is healthcare spending money on? 88% of healthcare spending is for medical services. Hear from experts from UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland, Dignity Health, and ProjectVision along with public health professionals, clinicians, engineers, and VCs to talk about factors that shape health outside of clinic walls!


Protecting health at the intersection of tech and data

May 11, 2016

A panel discussion with researchers, data scientists and entrepreneurs on how new data sources, data science, and improved analytics in tech can leverage product design and product development to advance public health innovation.

Design for dignity: Innovations for the underserved

February 11, 2016

A fireside chat with Liz Rockett, Principal at Kaiser Permanente Ventures moderated by Vanessa Mason, CEO of Riveted Partners that explored opportunities for collaboration to address underserved areas of public health. 



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